29 10, 2018


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By Raquel Flanzbaum   MERCOSUR   Introduction Both, the Andean Community of Nations and Mercosur, arose as a result of a regional integration policy, which prevailed in the twentieth century in Latin America, and was carried out by the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI, after its acronym in Spanish), composed of all South American countries. Whitin this framework, first, the Cartagena Agreement[1] was signed in 1969, which established the Andean [...]

18 10, 2018

Important changes concerning Patent formalities in Argentina

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Reinstatement of the requirement of submitting a Certified Spanish Translation of the priority document   As you may recall on, January 12, the Argentine government issued decree No. 27/2018 which among other changes established that it was no longer mandatory to file a certified copy of the priority document and its translation within 90 days from the filing date, unless the examiner explicitly requested it. Unfortunately, the ARPTO has gone [...]

19 07, 2018

The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY passed the regulation of the new administrative procedure to resolve oppositions

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After several months of waiting, the INPI regulated the new procedure to resolve oppositions in administrative proceedings, by issuing Resolution P-183/2018. In this way, one of the main amendments to the trademark registration procedure originally introduced by Decree 27/2018 - and subsequently confirmed by Law 27,444 - becomes effective, aiming to "shortening the term in the proceedings".   The main features of the new procedure are:   Upon the expiration [...]