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BM+O was born in a context of a global business environment in constant change and evolution. We are recognized for our innovative business vision and for providing creative solutions in intellectual property and technology matters that are adapted to meet the needs and times of our clients.

This same constant change and evolution context has taken us through a series of organizational transformations that have positively changed the way we offer our services.
Since we are truly client focused, it was about time for us to expand our unique and differentiated services in order to provide interdisciplinary solutions to all legal and business needs from a practical perspective.

Welcome to a new BM+O: we have taken the step from a boutique firm that specializes in Intellectual Property matters to a firm that offers solutions ensuring integral counseling in legal matters and innovation momentum.

We want you to see us as enablers. We will enable you to achieve your commercial ambitions by offering straightforward and efficient advice.
À la carte efficiency
We render Corporate and Intellectual Property Law services directed to different industries, with full knowledge of the situation in which they operate and focused to meet their needs.

Our interdisciplinary and innovative team guarantees the provision of premium counseling services. We commit ourselves to analyzing every matter with the dedication it deserves, profiting from our knowledge of both business and the law.
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Inspiring change
To be an entrepreneur is not an easy task, we know it first-hand, and that is why we have an interdisciplinary team devoted to provide integral business advice to innovative businesses and entrepreneurs in general.

BM+O Entrepreneurs is aware of the specific needs of emerging businessmen: we work with the flexibility and versatility they require. The team is formed by young professionals who share the values and the vision of entrepreneurs and speak their own language.
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The Naming Zone
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In overcrowded markets with narrower segments, brand names play a crucial role. Your brand name is a powerful source of identity. It helps to project the intended image of your product or service against the competition and it is key in the process of positioning a brand in the minds of your target audience. At BM+O we provide the insight and guidance to streamline the naming process. By partnering with you, we identify your goals and objectives, and translate these ideas into a cohesive brand name that accomplishes your needs. We also provide assistance in the creation of your slogan, as well as visual and contextual support to help you envision your brand.
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Miércoles 05 de agosto de 2020
Jueves 02 de julio de 2020
We are proud to share the new Leaders League’s rankings. Congratulations to our Partners, leaders in several categories and key players in their areas of expertise!
by Berton Moreno + Ojam
Martes 30 de junio de 2020
by Berton Moreno + Ojam
Miércoles 24 de junio de 2020
by Berton Moreno + Ojam
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