Get involved with the client and their circumstances, to design solutions and strategies tailored to their needs.
- Marcelo García Sellart.
Marcelo García Sellart
Marcelo is creative and innovative. He has an analytical and curious vision, and is always involved in the news and new trends related to the industries he masters (information and communication technologies, entertainment, advertising and marketing, and sports). He specializes in advice for negotiating contracts and designing strategies for litigation related to his areas of expertise.

In the academic field he is recognized in his specialty: he is a teacher in various postgraduate programs and an active member of study committees in professional associations, Secretary of the ASIPIEmprende Committee (ASIPI Committee oriented to the entrepreneurial world) and leads the knowledge management project of BM+O.

In his spare time he likes to write stories (“play with words” as he puts it), he is an amateur photographer, enjoys visiting museums and art shows, listening all kinds of music and watching good football.