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In addition to the integral legal advice regarding the protection of intellectual property rights, we have deep expertise in several specific industries.

Our clients´ specific needs have led us to study and acquire knowledge of certain specific markets and industries and have made us gain valuable experience and specialization in said fields of the industry, not only in relation to intellectual property issues but also to all legal and commercial needs said specific industries might have.

We can rely on a wide network of both local and international specialized consultants and advisors, which allows us to advise our clients thoroughly.

The curious, creative and innovative attitude that is the characteristic of all our team members has allowed us to get inspiration from the challenges we have the pleasure to face.

Many of these industries develop related activities and complement each other, thus improving the quality of our advice to our clients.

Our national and foreign clients include multinationals, small and medium-sized enterprises, family businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups, individuals who conduct businesses in Argentina and abroad, colleagues, universities, foundations and different organizations, celebrities, artists and athletes.



Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

We know this business and the specific needs that their actors have. We advise and represent our clients, both at a national and international level, in the development of their businesses and we accompany them using the creativity, flexibility and speed required by this segment of the market.

Marketing and advertising are the object of continuously expanding new regulations of a complicated legal nature, as they usually involve the coordination of the intellectual property rights of different parties (musicians, models, photographers, directors, designers, among others).

Our law firm analyzes from a legal perspective both the message content and the influence that the means where said message will be spread has. Thus, we work with companies that activate actions in social networks, influencers and youtubers agencies, digital media and organizers of events and actions of a different nature, announcers and sponsors, marketing agencies and advertising creative professionals, including:

  • Incorporation of musical works and sound recordings in advertising.
  • Use of photographic works, illustrations and other visual works.
  • Assignment of image rights.
  • Use of trademarks in search engines and sponsored links.
  • Marketing actions in the Internet and social networks.
  • Sponsorship and patronage.
  • Authorization of draws and promotions and drafting of terms and conditions for participants.
  • Advice on unfair competition cases, application of sectorial regulations and consumers rights.
  • Advice and representation of clients in cases involving advertising autoregulation and proceedings before the Advertising Autoregulation Committee (CONARP, after its initials in Spanish).

Fashion law

Fashion law

Companies related to the fashion and clothing manufacturing world face numerous challenges, including intense competition, forgery and intellectual property infringement.

We advise design companies, manufacturers and distributors of clothing, retailers, boutiques, chain stores, famous brands and other intellectual property rights.

Our services include:

  • Creation of companies.
  • Negotiation of contracts and agreements.
  • Advice to celebrities and trademark owners through licensing and merchandising arrangements.

Spirits and wine law. Geographical indications

Spirits and wine law. Geographical indications

We are specially qualified to handle the different legal issues that our clients in the wine industry and alcoholic beverages in general have, including geographical indications and the incorporation of new technologies in this ever-expanding challenging market.

We advise wineries and cellars, wholesalers and retailers and other businesses related to the wine industry in all their specific needs, including:

  • Branding and trademark conflicts.
  • Copyright issues in the design of labels and other elements, websites and advertising.
  • Regulatory issues.
  • Labor law related issues.
  • Advice on and drafting of agreements and contracts.
  • Creation of companies.
  • Litigation related to agreements, trademarks, copyright, employment, real estate, businesses and other corporate disputes, negligence in service supply and other litigious matters that might arise.



This is one of the greatest and most rapidly expanding industries nowadays. We know the challenges that this industry faces and have the people, the knowledge, the experience and the tools necessary to advise our clients and accompany them along their path, both from a legal and technical point of view using a commercial approach, at national and international levels.

BM+O advises its clients in all aspects of intellectual property related to biotechnology and works with its clients to develop and apply successful intellectual property strategies.

Services include:

  • Drafting of patents.
  • Opinion and counseling on existing and new technologies.
  • Defense of clients´ interests in complicated patent proceedings.
  • Planning, drafting and negotiation of intellectual property license agreements.

Consumer law

Consumer law

We have great experience in consumer law and have extensive knowledge of all applicable rules, regulations and proceedings intended not only to the defense of consumers as clients but also from the point of view of those offering products and services.

Our services include advice concerning the following:

  • Both administrative and judicial proceedings.
  • Contests, promotions and draws.
  • Advertising campaigns.
  • Product labeling.



We offer advice and represent clients in a wide range of legal issues related to the sports world. We accompany a great variety of members of the sports world to develop their activities under a suitable legal umbrella. We advise clients in all issues regarding both national and international amateur and professional competition.

We represent and advise clubs, sportspeople, sports organizations and sponsors concerning sponsorship agreements, image rights, the administration of intangibles and have great experience in the new eSports territory.

Further, we advise clients regarding the following:

  • Representation and drafting of agreements involving sportspeople and other actors in the sports world.
  • Licensing of advertising rights.
  • Sponsorship and advertising agreements.
  • Celebrity branding.
  • Intellectual property licensing and creation.
  • Advertising rights licensing.



We advise client on both national and international legal issues relating to all forms of entertainment, including television, motion pictures, music, videogame and the new digital media, and have experience in their relationship to new technologies and the challenges involved.

We work with producers, content distribution platforms, radio broadcasting and telecommunication companies and multiplatform and multimedia signals.

Our services in this area of activities include:

  • Representation of musicians, producers, executives, sound recording companies, publishing companies, managers, agents, talent agencies, producers and sponsors of live shows, theater owners and operators, publishers and composers.
  • Negotiation and drafting of recording and publishing agreement, licenses and agreements with producers, management, tours, merchandising, corporate sponsorship and Internet.
  • We consult with artists, recording and publishing companies on their entertainment strategies and Internet, and the protection, licensing and sale of their intellectual property rights.
  • We are familiar with all aspects of entertainment live performances.
  • Protection of the band name as a trademark.
  • Copyright protection.
  • Internet music licensing.
  • Production agreements for the recording of live performances.
  • Broadcasting Agreements for the transmission of recorded shows.
  • Agreements for the exploitation of advertising rights.
  • Advice to actors, writers, directors, producers, distribution and production companies and managers in the field of motion pictures, television, cable and interactive media.
  • Negotiations and drafting of agreement s for the exploitation of rights on life histories, scripts, short stories, books and treatments.
  • Negotiations and drafting of documents related to cinematographic financing and of agreements with writers, performers, directors and producers.
  • Labor law compliance.
  • Service and employment agreements.

Software, media, e-commerce and Internet

Software, media, e-commerce and Internet

Technology keeps changing the market standards in which our client operate. This has spawned great challenges from a legal point of view, as existing rules not always answer the questions posed by novel technologies.

Our team provides integral advice to our clients looking for the best solutions to their projects in a world of continuously changing new markets.

We provide advice both to clients that develop innovative technologies and to the users who apply those technologies and use them in increasingly sophisticated products and services.

Our services in these areas include:

  • Litigation and defense of copyright related to the Internet, trademarks, trade secrets and commercial issues.
  • Cybersquatting and disputes involving domain names.
  • Content and licensing of new media and right authorizations.
  • Terms and conditions of use of websites and privacy policies.
  • Domain name issues.
  • Proceedings before the WIPO.
  • Protection and licensing of trademarks and copyright.
  • Advertising law and privacy issues.



We have a multidisciplined team of professionals devoted to providing integral legal advice for innovative businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs in general. This team was created to meet the specific needs that this group of emerging businesses has, conscious of the versatility and flexibility they require, and is made up of young professionals who share the values and vision of these entrepreneurs and speak their same language.

We accompany entrepreneurs not only providing them with legal assistance (intellectual property protection, corporate law issues, etc.) but also sharing their needs, and if required, building bridges with business incubators, business accelerators, investment funds and business angels, giving advice on all matters related to the development of the business for the sound development of the project.