Anti-piracy campaigns and actions 2018-06-28T13:03:16+00:00

Anti-piracy campaigns and actions

BM+O professionals have a broad range of expertise and enjoy good reputation in the design, development and implementation of campaigns and actions against intellectual property infringements. In particular, our professionals are highly prepared for the following:

  • Devise of antipiracy campaigns.
  • Development of market research to determine the extent and characteristics of infringers´ activities.
  • Development of cooperation with and training of regional Customs, Public Prosecution officials and security forces.
  • Devise and prosecution of injunctions to stop the infringement of intellectual property rights and the interdiction of infringing goods.
  • Registration of trademarks with the Customs.
  • Organization of procedures with the Customs, Public Prosecutors and Security Forces for the investigation of import, trafficking, commercialization and export of infringing goods.
  • Watching of websites to check the offer and commercialization of infringing goods and services and implementation of notice and takedown procedures.