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Copyright and entertainment law

BM+O cooperates with its clients in the devise of strategies for the development, protection and hiring practices related to their copyright, advising artists, performers, producers, editors, celebrities and all type of companies related to the creation, development, distribution, communication and commercial use of different works and contents (musical, literary, software, design, audiovisual works, etc.)

Our services include:

  • Protection and deposit of copyright.
  • Counseling and advice on the negotiation and drafting of license and assignment agreements of the copyright of all kind of works (such as musical works, photographs, audiovisual works, literary works, data bases, software, multimedia, among others).
  • Advice on legal issues regarding theatre, television and motion picture productions, concerts, and cultural and artistic events.
  • Legal issues involving radio, television and streaming distribution and production.
  • Relationship of the industry with different collective management organizations (SADAIC, AADI-CAPIF, ARGENTORES, etc.)
  • Advice on issues related to the licensing and assignment of image rights.
  • Campaigns against signal and content piracy.