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We advise client on both national and international legal issues relating to all forms of entertainment, including television, motion pictures, music, videogame and the new digital media, and have experience in their relationship to new technologies and the challenges involved.

We work with producers, content distribution platforms, radio broadcasting and telecommunication companies and multiplatform and multimedia signals.

Our services in this area of activities include:

  • Representation of musicians, producers, executives, sound recording companies, publishing companies, managers, agents, talent agencies, producers and sponsors of live shows, theater owners and operators, publishers and composers.
  • Negotiation and drafting of recording and publishing agreement, licenses and agreements with producers, management, tours, merchandising, corporate sponsorship and Internet.
  • We consult with artists, recording and publishing companies on their entertainment strategies and Internet, and the protection, licensing and sale of their intellectual property rights.
  • We are familiar with all aspects of entertainment live performances.
  • Protection of the band name as a trademark.
  • Copyright protection.
  • Internet music licensing.
  • Production agreements for the recording of live performances.
  • Broadcasting Agreements for the transmission of recorded shows.
  • Agreements for the exploitation of advertising rights.
  • Advice to actors, writers, directors, producers, distribution and production companies and managers in the field of motion pictures, television, cable and interactive media.
  • Negotiations and drafting of agreement s for the exploitation of rights on life histories, scripts, short stories, books and treatments.
  • Negotiations and drafting of documents related to cinematographic financing and of agreements with writers, performers, directors and producers.
  • Labor law compliance.
  • Service and employment agreements.