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Litigation involving intellectual property issues

Litigation involving intellectual property issues 2017-11-07T20:21:40+00:00

BM+O provides legal advice and support to its clients when conflicts arise involving their intellectual and industrial property rights.

BM+O professionals have long and sound experience on out of court negotiations and mediations. When arbitrary or court proceedings become unavoidable, the litigation team devises the necessary strategies and offers all services related to:

  • Actions involving the defense of trademarks: lawsuits resulting from the opposition to trademarks applications, non-use cancellation actions, cancellation and recovery of trademarks.
  • Actions seeking to obtain discontinuance of use of a trademark and damages due to unauthorized use.
  • Actions related to the defense of copyright and image rights.
  • Actions related to the defense of patents, utility models and industrial models and designs.
  • Arbitration and administrative and court proceedings intended to resolve domain name disputes and other conflicts involving intellectual property issues in general.