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Marketing and Advertising

We know this business and the specific needs that their actors have. We advise and represent our clients, both at a national and international level, in the development of their businesses and we accompany them using the creativity, flexibility and speed required by this segment of the market.

Marketing and advertising are the object of continuously expanding new regulations of a complicated legal nature, as they usually involve the coordination of the intellectual property rights of different parties (musicians, models, photographers, directors, designers, among others).

Our law firm analyzes from a legal perspective both the message content and the influence that the means where said message will be spread has. Thus, we work with companies that activate actions in social networks, influencers and youtubers agencies, digital media and organizers of events and actions of a different nature, announcers and sponsors, marketing agencies and advertising creative professionals, including:

  • Incorporation of musical works and sound recordings in advertising.
  • Use of photographic works, illustrations and other visual works.
  • Assignment of image rights.
  • Use of trademarks in search engines and sponsored links.
  • Marketing actions in the Internet and social networks.
  • Sponsorship and patronage.
  • Authorization of draws and promotions and drafting of terms and conditions for participants.
  • Advice on unfair competition cases, application of sectorial regulations and consumers rights.
  • Advice and representation of clients in cases involving advertising autoregulation and proceedings before the Advertising Autoregulation Committee (CONARP, after its initials in Spanish).