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Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising have become the object of increasing legal regulations of a highly complicated nature, as they generally involve the coordination of the intellectual property rights of several parties (musicians, models, photographers, directors, designers, etc.)

BM+O advises advertising companies, sponsors, media agencies, marketing agencies, advertising agencies and creative professionals on different legal issues related to:

  • The incorporation of third parties´ works in cultural developments and advertisements (music, photographs, illustration, etc.).
  • Assignment of image rights.
  • Parodies and adaptation of third parties´ works for promotional purposes.
  • Development of users´ content.
  • Trademark use in search engines and sponsored links.
  • Marketing actions and cultural developments in the Internet and social networks.
  • Sponsorship and patronage.
  • Authorization of draws and promotions, drafting of participants terms and conditions.
  • Counseling on unfair competition cases, application of sectorial regulations and consumer law.
  • Advising and representation of clients before the Advertising Autoregulation Committee (CONARP, after its initials in Spanish) on cases involving the application of advertising auto-regulation rules.