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Software, media, e-commerce and Internet

Technology keeps changing the market standards in which our client operate. This has spawned great challenges from a legal point of view, as existing rules not always answer the questions posed by novel technologies.

Our team provides integral advice to our clients looking for the best solutions to their projects in a world of continuously changing new markets.

We provide advice both to clients that develop innovative technologies and to the users who apply those technologies and use them in increasingly sophisticated products and services.

Our services in these areas include:

  • Litigation and defense of copyright related to the Internet, trademarks, trade secrets and commercial issues.
  • Cybersquatting and disputes involving domain names.
  • Content and licensing of new media and right authorizations.
  • Terms and conditions of use of websites and privacy policies.
  • Domain name issues.
  • Proceedings before the WIPO.
  • Protection and licensing of trademarks and copyright.
  • Advertising law and privacy issues.